why it’s the perfect time to get vitamin C | ingestion Is this the right time to take vitamin C? Know what benefits your body will have

New Delhi: Monsoon is about to go. It is time when immunity in the body begins to decline. The skin begins to crack, the hair begins to dry, the mood begins to ease. Not only that, when the temperature starts to drop, it seems like the body is getting weaker.

What is the reason?
Nutritionist Lara Rai says, “All of these symptoms mean that there is a lack of vitamin C in the body. All of these problems only start due to the lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a very deep relationship with the skin, beauty and freshness of the body. Vitamin C is not produced by the body itself; we have to give it to the body through various foods. It largely reduces the damage caused in the body by free radicals. Vitamin C with antioxidant helps a lot in collagen formation.

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The beauty secret is vitamin C.
The beautician Anjana Bali says: “After the monsoon, the skin of our body begins to pull. Especially the facial skin. There is dryness in it. When the body doesn’t get vitamin C, it begins to dry, itch, and begin to crack in the skin. Apart from that, vitamin C also increases the immunity of the skin.

How to Take Vitamin C.
Vitamin C can be obtained from all currently available fruits and green vegetables. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, oranges, oranges, kiwis, cherries, etc. Tomatoes and lemons are there. Use them in food and also in beauty treatment.

Must try these tips
1- Every morning after waking up, drink one to two teaspoons of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. When you add a spoonful of honey, many blemishes begin to heal quickly.
2- Eat vegetables with vitamin C at least once a day. Boil them at least in oil and spices. This increases the body’s immunity.
3- With the changing seasons, laziness fills the body. The juice from citrus fruits is very effective at driving it out. Drink fruit juice. Try to get the fiber into the body as well.
4- While eating fruits like apples or oranges, keep some pieces in the separate refrigerator. Rub this piece on your face in the morning or evening. Dead skin on the face is removed. This acts as a natural detergent.