The “moderate” air quality in Delhi is deteriorating, since the AQI 130 | achieved Be careful, pollution is returning amid Corona’s fear

New Delhi: Corona’s fears that pollution had also returned to exacerbate this problem weren’t over. The air quality has returned to the time before Corona. It is said that this air pollution can also increase coronary risk. In such a situation, starting today, you yourself need to be careful. Days with clear blue skies are just around the corner. Because now the cloud of smoke from Delhi can be clearly seen. Although winters are far away, pollution has started to spread its foot in the capital.

The pollution in Delhi also appears to be unlocked. Between March 2020 and August 2020, the whole world including India saw clear skies, beautiful rainbows, and pure cool air, but when it was unlocked, people returned to the streets.

Corona and pollution are both dangerous to the lungs
When the trains ran on the streets, work began in the factories too. In such a situation, the air quality here is polluted, as a result of which people are suffocated. For information, let us know that when the air quality index is below 50, breathing is considered to be best. In the NCR, however, this value has reached the moderate value from the green zone.

The AQI level in Delhi is between 100 and 200. At the time of the closure, the air quality in May was up to 35. The respiratory specialist Dr. Vivek Nangia of Max Hospital has expressed his response to the matter.

He said: “Obviously, it will not be easy for people living on the danger of Corona to be exposed to pollution this time.” Corona and pollution are both dangerous to the lungs. When both corona and pollution are present together in the air, the importance of the mask continues to grow. In such a situation, doctors suggest that you need to take double care of your health.

The doctor said, “If your windpipe gets contaminated, your risk of corona increases too. So pay special attention to your neck and mask. Drink lukewarm water all the time. Stay away from cold things. Drink brew at least twice a day in winter Make yoga and pranayama a part of life Patients with respiratory problems should not go out because of excessive pollution.