The corona virus makes the heart helpless, cases of heart attacks are increasing. The corona virus makes the heart poor, and cases of heart attacks are increasing

New Delhi: The study of the heart at GB Pant Hospital, one of the largest super specialty hospitals in Delhi, has revealed shocking things. Research has shown that this virus is extremely dangerous for heart patients. People also gain weight in cases like heart attack.

According to the information, seven corona infected patients between the ages of 45 and 80 years were examined in the study. Problems related to the effect of the corona on the heart were uncovered.

Dr. Ankit Bansal, associate professor in the Department of Cardiology at GB Pant Hospital, said that a normal heart rate (heart rate) for a healthy person is between 60 and 100 beats per minute (BPM). Among these seven corona infected patients, the maximum heart rate was 42 BPM and the minimum was 30 BPM. Which was very less. At the moment all patients are stable.

Five of them were fitted with permanent pacemakers. Temporary stimulation and treatment of two other patients improved the heart rate. But such cases clearly show that corona is now also causing and aggravating the problems related to the heart. According to the hospital administration, these seven diseases were taken to the hospital for heart disease treatment. In subsequent examinations it was also found that they are infected with corona.

According to a study in China, the possibility of infection exists if people who have been cured from a corona infection are heart patients. This virus also affects the lungs. Research also found that heart rate is higher in heart patients due to corona. When some patients were injected, their cardiac vein looked normal, but they had symptoms of a heart attack. It is due to swelling or clots in your heart muscles

At the University Hospital Frankfurt, 80 out of 100 corona-infected patients were subjected to an MRI scan. It turned out that the corona virus had changed the shape of his heart.

According to medical experts, the corona increases the inflammation of the heart muscle. This makes the muscles weak and block. In a normal patient, a cold can be easily cured. However, when a heart patient has a corona infection, their breath becomes bloated and the risk of death increases.

Follow these precautions:
– Stay home and don’t take any tension
– Take all medication on time
– Eat a good diet and get complete sleep
– Walk and exercise daily
– Take care of yourself more than normal people
– The corona virus is very dangerous for heart patients.
– Heart patients should be more vigilant and take medication in a timely manner

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