Study said checking your weight at early age read article

New Delhi: A better life is necessary to keep life healthy. A morning walk, better food, exercise and yoga are very important for this. A recent research showed that reducing fat can make life longer. The report found that obesity can be prevented from deadly diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer.

The researchers estimated that 12.4 percent of premature deaths in the United States had a higher body mass index. At the population level, he has estimated that reducing obesity by three percent will prevent premature death.

According to a study published on JAMA Network Open, it was found that middle-aged weight loss has a lower risk of death than persistent obesity. Losing weight in 25 years reduced the risk of death by 54 percent. The researchers stressed that reducing obesity at a young age is very important.

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Weight loss is also more important because obesity is more common among the younger generation these days. Nutritious food, exercise, hydration, and healthy sleep are some of the measures that can help reduce weight and be healthy in middle age.

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