Scientists said the effect of infection on organs of people recovering from coronavirus Coronation may negatively affect the organs of people who are recovering from it. This danger can occur

Lucknow: Famous Medicinal Chemistry Scientist Prof. Ram Shankar Upadhyay believes that most people who recover from coronavirus see the effects of infection on the heart, lungs and nervous system. He said it was worrying to observe the effects of Korana on body parts even after the health of infected people. Have to think about it too.

Professional. Upadhyay said the number of people infected with corona worldwide will be in crores. According to a recent report in The Lancet, 55 percent of patients experienced nervous system discomfort after corona treatment. Similarly, a study conducted in Germany showed a change in heart structure in 75 percent of people who survived the infection.

Focus on reducing the effects of the corona
He further said that in such a situation it is very important to know how this will affect the people affected in the future. Care must also be taken to determine how the impact can be minimized. Also, it must be assumed that Kovid-19 is not final. Such situations can also arise in the future. With this in mind, preparations should also be made.

When asked about the prevention and treatment of corona, the Medicinal Chemistry scientist said that in addition to working on the vaccine and specific drug for this disease, it was necessary to prevent infection by burning pre-existing formulations and in case of infection the search for effective drugs will be intensified.

Professional. Upadhyaya said that so far about 15 cancer drugs and a dozen anti-inflammatory drugs have been found useful in treating symptoms of covid. More work needs to be done on this.

India becomes the independent manufacture of medicines
Regarding India’s pharmaceutical industry, he said that the 75 to 80 percent range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) made from drugs come from China. Around 100 percent. I would like these APIs to be manufactured in India itself in order to realize Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a separate India.

He said the amount of API should be sufficient so that the drugs made from it are reasonably priced. I’m from Uttar Pradesh. So UP will be the first priority to do something like this. To this end, talks with the government are also taking place at the first level.

Native to Agra in Uttar Pradesh, Prof. Upadhyay is CEO of Lexai Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Hyderabad and Chief Scientist of Om Ankology, USA. For over a decade he was an assistant professor at Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden. He has also worked at renowned institutions such as Max Planck Germany (Berlin) and Medicinal Research Council UK (London), Ranbaxy, Lupine.

Prof. looking for many essential medicines. Upadhyaya played an important role. About 20 of them have been patented. More than two dozen of his works have been published in international journals.

Professional. Upadhyay is also working with Lexai and CSIR to find Kovid’s drugs. He currently lives in Stockholm to expand the company to the US, Europe and the Scandinavian countries. They also want to do something for their state of Uttar Pradesh.