Salesforce is definitely converting to vertical clouds

Salesforce has introduced three new clouds for specific industries: Energy & Utilities Cloud, Media Cloud and Communications Cloud (for network operators). A fourth cloud, Public Sector Solutions, is aimed at public organizations that manage license, permit and emergency management. It should start next month.

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Those clouds are coming quickly after the acquisition of Vlocity, announced last February and closed in July, for an amount of $ 1.3 billion.

Vlocity has been a long-time Salesforce partner. He specializes in customizing Salesforce’s “horizontal” CRM, marketing, trade and support offerings by sector. The founder, David Schmaier, has since taken over the management of Salesforce Industries, the division responsible for creating these “bundles” for new industries.

While Salesforce has already hit a few industries (healthcare, manufacturing, consumer products, financial services, education, government, and nonprofits), the pandemic likely played a role in Salesforce’s decision to exit so quickly. Custom Clouds, says Nicole France, an analyst at Constellation Research.

“They were approaching it anyway,” the analyst continues. “But it is clear that the pressures of the pandemic and the need to act quickly and efficiently for customers have accelerated this trend.”

She adds that prospects in the advertised industries often have complex technological stacks, with a mix of proprietary and custom applications developed in-house. For them, this type of organization is more likely to replace the existing one with Salesforce than, for example, “very Microsoft” sectors, which are more naturally moving to Dynamics (with extensions developed on Azure).

Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud already on Lightning

Another strength of Vlocity is that the company built its industries using the Lightning platform PaaS, which is a complete overhaul of from the start. A point that made it possible to integrate them faster and easier than other tools from companies that Salesforce bought, explains Nicole France.

Salesforce Public Sector Solutions integrates data mapping and visualization for on-site approval inspectors.

Preparing tools, processes and workflows for a specific sector makes Salesforce deployment much easier, argues David Schmaier. Examples of these include tools for soliciting contracts, quotes for premiums or claims for the insurance sector, or even tools to help operators’ sellers push for a “quadruple game”. more lucrative (internet, phone, television and cell phone subscription). Under the hood, the data models are also suitable for every industry.

According to David Schmaier, the fact that Salesforce has direction for the industries will enable “cross-pollination” that will accelerate innovation for all of these clouds.

“One of the advantages of twelve industry clouds is that the best ideas aren’t found in one industry,” he explains. “There are some interesting things people do in one industry that we can do perfectly for others.”

Salesforce announced its new clouds at the Virtual Industries Summit this week. A sign that shows that the publisher has definitely switched to vertical areas and the personalization of these important application pillars.