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New Delhi: We all use green and crispy fennel as a mouthpiece. The fennel seeds are cold, so their use increases in summer. There are many such nutrients in fennel that are very important for a healthy life. The biggest benefit of fennel is that it increases memory and keeps the body cool. Anise contains many mineral elements such as calcium, sodium, iron and potassium. That being said, there are other benefits of regular fennel mines. So, let us show you some unique benefits of eating fennel (Benefits of Fennel Seeds).

1. Grind the almonds, fennel and rock sugar in equal amounts. Daily consumption after dinner and in the afternoon increases memory performance.
2. Eating fennel also improves eyesight. You can also take it with sugar candy if you want.
3. Eating anise on an empty stomach clears the blood and makes the skin glow.
4. If your mouth smells bad, regularly chew half a teaspoon of anise three to four times a day. This will stop the stink in your mouth.
5. Eating with Fennel Fennel sugar cream not only makes the sound sweet, it also causes a cough.

Purify the blood
The effect of fennel is cold, which is why taking it in summer relieves the stomach. Fennel is also found to be helpful in purifying the blood.

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Overcome obesity
Fennel contains a significant amount of fiber. By eating fennel, you can control your obesity. In fact, fennel does not allow fat to settle on the body and it is found to be helpful in reducing obesity.

Increase Immunity
Fennel helps in strengthening the immunity of our body. This is because vitamin C only strengthens the immune cells in our body. Vitamin C helps in increasing the number of white blood cells, which are the number of leukocytes in the body.

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