“Oracle didn’t take any customers away from us” (SAP)

New round in the battle of numbers and in the battle of words between SAP and Oracle for their respective ERP. For several months now, Oracle has been claiming to attract customers through its cloud ERP from SAP, using a form of customer wasteland scalded by S / 4HANA (Claims repeated regularly by Larry Ellison, founder and CTO of Oracle was used to “beat up” its competitors in order to present its own offerings.

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At the beginning of this year, Jürgen Lindner, SAP defector at Oracle, confirmed during OpenWorld Europe by assuring MagIT that he “no longer has to do marketing for future SAP customers”. .

In this case, Oracle’s German SaaS SVP was careful not to mention names – even if it looked like they were burning their lips at the time – and the publisher’s communication was careful (warm but firm). Seven months later, Oracle has not yet given any names.

Next week, Oracle will hold a virtual event to replace the traditional San Francisco OpenWorld (which was slated for 2020 in Las Vegas). One of the most important points – maybe not the most important, but believable nonetheless – this time around will be to prove what he is saying.

Because SAP’s answer was diplomatic. But not tender.

First a parade …

On September 8th, Luka Mucic, CFO of SAP, sent Oracle to borrow Larry Ellison (and Jürgen Lindner by the way) during an investor event (the “27th Citi Technology Investor Conference”) – for a boxing expression which matches well the competition of the two giants of business applications that are emerging verbally and commercially blow by blow.

“I took these statements very seriously,” replied Luka Mucic to a question from a participant on the subject. “I did internal research on the top 10 of our largest customers and then on our top 50 [N.D.R. : Larry Ellison avait en effet affirmé qu’un des plus gros clients de SAP dans l’ERP avait ou allait passer chez Oracle]. I even went further down the list. As far as I know, none of them have replaced us. “

“I checked personally: we haven’t lost a customer,” he says, and couldn’t be more explicit.

… then a push and a direct one

But the DAF didn’t stop there. He attacked. A two-step answer that is reminiscent of a push and a direct one.

“Perhaps our competitor will at some point become clearer and tell us exactly which customer he is talking about? “Luka MucicSAP

The push first. “We even see that we recently replaced the ERPs of our traditional competitors with S / 4HANA. This applies in all regions and in very different industries – automotive, financial services, telecommunications. So the only way I can answer you is by telling you that based on our own data and intelligence, we believe that we will continue to gain market share. […] in the area of ​​ERP and especially in supply chain management ”.

And finally, directly: “I think the growth we have seen compared to this traditional competitor speaks more than anything in my humble opinion. Maybe at some point he can be clearer and tell us exactly which customer he is talking about? », The DAF jokes.

With this release from Luka Mucic – we remind you that in front of investors (and not just journalists) Oracle can no longer be satisfied with the claim without proving it. Except to give SAP and, even worse, financial analysts the edge.

First opportunity to answer on September 29th during Oracle Cloud Applications?