OnlyOffice lands on OVH for its first really sovereign version

Ascencio system. This name may not mean much to you. The solution, on the other hand, is sure to spark some projects.

Ascencio System is the Latvian publisher behind the open source office suite OnlyOffice, which is available on desktops, mobile phones and in the cloud. The suite was introduced in 2009 in Riga under the name “Teamlab Office” and in 2014 it was renamed ONLYOFFICE. The code was published under the AGPL v.3 license on Sourceforge and GitHub. It will be “the first online open source office suite,” according to Ascencio System.

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In fact, the suite has established itself as a benchmark alongside LibreOffice in a decade – even if we look at the cloud, where LibreOffice Server is (voluntarily) not available in a turnkey SaaS version. .

OnlyOffice also often offers the building block for the office automation of “end-to-end” UCaaS offers from other publishers who want to compete directly with the most important “hegemonic” players – as CIGREF describes them: G Suite and Office 365.

Jamespot, for example, offers a modular offer with this office automation module (or optional LibreOffice server). The German player Nextcloud (which focuses more on messaging and document storage and, more recently, video conferencing) also relies on OnlyOffice in its open source competing offer for Office 365 (Nextcloud 18). Ascencio System offers additional connectors for Alfresco, ownCloud, Nuxeo, Confluence … and even SharePoint.

The cloud advantage

Ironically, in SaaS mode, OnlyOffice is based on American infrastructure (AWS) for a suite that emphasizes data protection to differentiate itself from Microsoft and Google in a European context. There is now an alternative.

OnlyOffice has been available in a completely “sovereign” version for a week. In a blog post, the publisher has just announced that it will integrate the OVH marketplace that was launched this summer – a marketplace for sovereign SaaS applications based on its infrastructure.

“Since the launch of OVHcloud Marketplace, we couldn’t resist this opportunity to offer our tools, which are hosted by Europe’s largest cloud operator,” explains Ascencio System, which therefore submitted a file to OVH. Who quickly accepted it?

On this occasion, OnlyOffice Enterprise Edition is renamed “OnlyOffice Workspace”.

“This particularly complete solution includes editing tools that are highly compatible with Microsoft Office formats, as well as functions for collaboration and an intuitive control panel,” said the editor. “” [Il est possible] Provision of a complete workspace on its own dedicated instance, which is hosted and secured in France. “

Maintain full control and confidentiality over your data and its exchange

OnlyOffice is available in four “plans” on the OVH marketplace (25, 50, 100, 200 users). Prices range from around € 1000 HT per year (25 users with a 3-year commitment) to € 9,900 HT (200 users with a 1-year commitment).

“This solution, which is manufactured entirely in Europe, gives our French users complete control and confidentiality of their data and their exchange,” says Galina, delighted about Galina Goduhina, commercial manager of OnlyOffice / Ascencio System.

“In order to guarantee data protection on all fronts, OnlyOffice also offers extended security measures: Open source code, single sign-on, two-factor authentication, management of access rights, monitoring of user actions, automatic data backups, encryption in peace to protect stored data and private spaces to protect collaboration, ”she lists.

SMEs while waiting for ETI?

So far, OnlyOffice had mainly gained a foothold in the public or similar sector (Ministry of the Interior, UNESCO, Social Democratic Party (SPD), La Sorbonne, CNRS etc.), although it is also used there by some large groups, including Oracle, Deloitte or Suzuki.

“If we see a demand for offers with a larger number of users, we will definitely go further and switch to the middle market segment” Galina GoduhinaOnlyOffice

The agreement with OVH now enables “OnlyOffice Workspace to be offered to a wider target market (very small businesses, SMEs, schools, communities, etc.)”, confirms Galina Goduhina.

“With our offers for 25, 50, 100 and 200 users, we are mainly aimed at small and medium-sized companies that do not have their own IT infrastructure. At the same time, we can always increase the number of users according to customer requirements. “

Could OnlyOffice / Ascencio System aim higher and really rub shoulders with G Suite and Office 365? “Our team is reactive: If we see that the demand for offers with a larger number of users is growing, then absolutely! We will go further and move on to the mid-cap segment. “