Monsoon session of Parliament: Rajya Sabha adopts Homeopathy Council bill | Rajya Sabha Central Council for Homeopathy Bill passed, opposition charges rejected

New Delhi: On Friday (September 18), Rajya Sabha passed two bills replacing ordinances relating to the Central Homeopathy Council and the Central Council of Indian Medicine. The 2020 Act on the Central Homeopathy Council (amendment) provides for another time to be given for the formation of the Central Homeopathy Council. Previously, two years were specified for this.

Indian Medical Central Council’s 2020 Bill (amendment) provides for a year-long reorganization of the Central Council and a board of directors will exercise its powers in the meantime. In response to the discussion of the draft laws, the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan that the government has a duty to provide high quality health facilities to every citizen in the country.

He said that necessary and modern reforms are being made in the field of medicine and significant changes will be visible in five years. Harshvardhan said that this bill does not provide a “bridge course” between Ayurveda and homeopathy, nor does it affect any kind of autonomy.

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Harsh Vardhan defended the government on the opposition’s allegations of introducing the ordinance, saying that there was nothing unusual about it and that previous governments would have followed the ordinance route even if it had to earlier. Harsh Vardhan said the government is fully committed to promoting Indian medical practices. If this had not been done, the National Medical Commission would not have been created in place of the Medical Council of India.

In the context of naturopathy and yoga, the minister said that given its importance, the NITI had proposed Aayog to set up a separate national medical commission for it. Harshvardhan said, “Efforts are now being made and soon this commission will also arise.”

Denying the opposition’s allegations of playing with the health of the people in the country, he said: “If history is made in the future, the number of health reforms that have taken place during the current administration’s tenure, and the ways in which they have been valued all over the world. ” It is mentioned in gold letters.

He said the government’s intention to bring both bills is clear and wants to provide high quality healthcare facilities to every citizen in the country. He said that he had asked the members present in the House to pass these laws amicably. Following the Minister’s reply, the House approved both bills by vote.

At the same time, the House rejected the resolution introduced by the opposition to ban the Ordinance on the Homeopathy Central Council (amendment) and the recently enacted Ordinance on the Indian Central Council (amendment). Both bills were introduced in the House of Lords on September 14th. The monsoon session of parliament started on September 14th itself.

The 2020 draft law of the Central Homeopathy Council (amendment) proposes to amend the 1973 law of the Central Council of Homeopathy from 1973. This draft law replaces the Ordinance 2020 of the Central Council of Homeopathy issued on April 24th (amendment).