Microsoft is focused on growth and capabilities

“During the health crisis, we saw the power of digital technology making it possible to work, produce, sell, interact … but also cause inequalities, unemployment, bankruptcies, and so on. This led us to consider how we can make these tools available to as many people as possible and support the ecosystem. “With this observation, Carlo Purassanta, President of Microsoft France, began the company’s traditional re-entry conference.

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Microsoft France has restructured its management team after several leading companies, including CEO Laurence Lafont, left for Google’s European cloud. With six newcomers, new responsibilities for the “old” and gender equality, the mission of the new team is to contribute to economic recovery alongside the digital ecosystem.

Accelerating the digitization of SMEs

For Microsoft, this relaunch means the acceleration of the digital transformation of organizations in general and SMEs in particular. Carlo Purassanta took up the comments made by Microsoft boss Satya Nadella at the end of April and emphasized that the health crisis made “two years of digital transformation possible in two months. It is positive that this transformation of the processes will continue. “For there to be recovery, we need growth, and for there to be growth, we need innovation.

Microsoft wants to focus its efforts on SMBs “because they have more to do than large groups using and transforming technology,” continues Carlo Purassanta. Specifically, the company starts with other partners such as Prestashop, Simplon, Qwant or LinkledIn (which belongs to Microsoft), a dedicated platform called myPMEnumérique. This platform offers training, best practice workshops, expert testimonials … So many ways to evangelize SMEs and encourage them to accelerate their transformation through sharing experiences.

Multiply skills

Another topic that Microsoft France is very passionate about and has been dedicated to for some time: digital skills. “There is still a lot of work to be done to make everyone familiar with digital and there is a lack of skills worldwide,” said Carlo Purassanta. To close this knowledge gap from the end of June 2020 to the end of March 2021, Microsoft, in collaboration with two of its companies, GitHub and LinkedIn, has made at least 5,000 hours of training content available to everyone free of charge.

Louise Joly, Director of Simplon’s Microsoft AI Schools, presented the results of this project, which started in 2018, to train people who are “unemployed” and have an appetite for computers in artificial intelligence. No less than 400 people, a quarter of whom have the Bac or Infrabac level, have benefited from this program with 90 partner companies in 17 promotions. And 92% of them now have permanent contracts. “Our goal is to train 1,000 people by 2022 and to increase the proportion of women to at least 40% compared to 33% today,” explains Louise Joly.

Based on these results, Microsoft is renewing this model in the cloud area and is launching two Microsoft Cloud Schools from Simplon. These schools were founded in Aulnay-sous-Bois (93) and Castelnau-le-Lez (34) and will “look for profiles without prerequisites, those who do not use a computer”, according to Louise Joly cloud developer or cloud administrator Jobs with the FinOps option. After 6 months of intensive training and 12 months of professionalization in a company, the trained people receive a diploma (RNCP title) and Azure certification. Enough to secure a job and build a future.