know the amazing immunity booster benefits of Giloy | Giloy takes special care of your health, this life is very wonderful

New Delhi: We get many types of medicines from nature, ie trees and plants that are used to keep the body healthy. These drugs have to be an important part of your life. By using or using them, you can avoid many health problems.

Today you know about the miraculous Sanjeevani Giloy who improves immunity and eliminates the lack of platelets in the body. At the same time, Giloy is very effective and a panacea for fever.

Gilley’s identity
Nature has taken precautions to keep life free for humans. Only the drugs that Ayurveda has given to people for thousands of years need to be identified. In the past, people easily lived for a hundred years because they relied on the flora and ancient knowledge of India.

It is for this reason that we are also informing you of Giloy’s identity so that you can identify this drug, which is available at your home for free and can be consumed after confirmation by a knowledgeable person. Giloy leaves are like betel leaves.

Wonderful properties of Giloy
Calcium, protein, phosphorus are contained in sufficient quantities in the leaves of this panacea. That being said, there is a good amount of starch in its stems as well. It’s a great power drink, strengthens the Giloy immune system and protects against many dangerous diseases.