Ipsas survey on Covid-19 vaccine. One in four adults does not want a corona vaccine Survey on the corona vaccine, one in four people does not want to be vaccinated for this reason

New Delhi: To prevent coronavirus infection, all countries in the world, including India, are preparing the vaccine. China, which has been criticized for Corona, is also involved in vaccine trials. The vaccine trial in China is still in the third phase. A shocking fact has since emerged in the Global Survey. According to this survey, one in four adults worldwide does not want to receive a corona vaccine. The reason for this is the possibility of side effects after vaccination. Speaking of India: Here too, 13 percent of people don’t want to be vaccinated out of fear.

Survey conducted in 27 countries
The global research institute Ipsas carried out this survey in 27 countries for the World Economic Forum. 20,000 people were included in the survey. The facility then asked questions about the corona vaccine and the vaccination. During this time, around 74 percent said they wanted to receive the vaccine. In that poll, the organization ranked the people of India in the category of the third largest optimistic-minded population after China and Saudi Arabia. Accordingly, the corona vaccine will come in 2020.

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According to an Ipsas poll, 97 percent of Chinese people have agreed to get and get vaccinated. According to the survey, China has the highest number of such people compared to other countries in the world, while only 54 percent of Russians have shown an interest in vaccination.

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87 percent want to be vaccinated
The Ipsas poll found 97 percent of China, 88 of Brazil, 88 of Australia and 87 percent of India would like to be vaccinated. This number is more than any other country in the world. In anticipation of the side effects of the vaccination, only 54 percent of Russians, 56 percent of Poles, 56 percent of Hungarians and 59 percent of French want to be vaccinated. The survey also includes the United States, Malaysia, Canada, Turkey, South Africa, South Korea, Peru, Argentina, the Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, and Italy.

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