If you have a dry cough, use this Ayurvedic remedy

New Delhi: In today’s lifestyle, there are no signs of when you will get the disease. Most people were particularly concerned about coughs, colds and fevers. But do you know that cough is such a big ailment when it’s not easy to get rid of? So the question arises, what is the treatment of dry cough, can dry cough be cured with home remedies (home remedies for dry cough). So the answer is yes. We will tell you about the home remedies for dry cough cure that will get you dry cough relief (dry cough relief).

What are the symptoms of dry cough: Dry cough contains little or no phlegm. It is irritating and causes a sore throat. In some cases, it could be nasal allergy, acidity, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or tuberculosis (TB). Therefore, if a person has a cough for a long time, they need to see a doctor.

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Both honey and ginger are easy to find in any kitchen. Both have great benefits for your overall health. Both have healing properties and are very helpful in boosting immunity as well.
– All you have to do is mix a little ginger juice in a spoonful of honey and drink it.
Other than that, you can keep a small licorice stick in your mouth. This will not dry out your throat. Mullaithi helps with a dry throat and sore throat.

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(Note: Consult physicians before taking action.)