Happiness does not come from “money” but from “time”. What is the most important thing to be happy – “money” or “time”?

New Delhi: Today we are going to analyze such a beautiful feeling, this feeling of happiness that can turn your life into a dear one. Today it will also be clear that time is the key to being not happy, but money. Like every ordinary person, money was the most important thing in Deepika’s life, but in recent years she has learned that happiness does not come from money, but from spending time with yourself and your loved ones.

Who will prioritize money or time?
The University of British Columbia recently completed a study, the results of which are very interesting. During this study, 1,000 graduating students were asked, “They prioritize time or money”. Then 60 percent of the students answered “time”. But 40 percent of the students gave money the most value.

Answer changed after completion
The happiness of these students on the happiness scale was measured during graduation and 1 year after the students who place more emphasis on money. There was less happiness in his life. Just making money in life can have an impact on your mental health too. All research around the world suggests that if you have money to meet your needs, you can be happy. However, if you have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you are also full of happiness. It must have happened

Unhappiness can be the cause of a disease like cancer
The psychologist Dr. Bhavana Verma said that when we take time for ourselves and our loved ones, we are happier. Happiness is more important in life because when we are happy, such hormones are released in our body that also keep our health healthy. While due to the misfortune, such hormones are released, which can range from heart disease to cancer.

People are happiest at such times
During the investigation, a survey of 12,000 people in America was conducted and it was found that the amount of money in your account doesn’t matter much. But when you are low on money, buying the things you need, you will be happier and happier.

Where are you on the happiness scale?
This research also found an interesting fact that how you spend the money you have is very important. That is, if you spend your money on materialistic things, you are on the scale of happiness and if you spend the same money on experiences like riding a truck, going for a walk with friends, visiting a nice place with family. Eating will be more happiness in your life.

Happiness increases through sharing
The feeling of happiness increases more in your life when you start to share happiness with others. Happiness trainer Vibha Gurtu said the greatest example of happiness is not achieved through money alone, 70-year-old Buddhist monk Matthew Richard, who is considered the happiest person in the world. Matthew Richard was last sad when his mentor died in 1991. You will be surprised to know that the University of Wisconsin of America, impressed with Matthew’s fortune, spent 12 years researching him.

During this research, 256 sensors were placed on his head. Scientists have found in research that when Matthew meditates on mercy, gamma waves are created in his brain. Guinea waves were recorded during Matthew’s brain scan. These waves are associated with awareness, meditation, and memory. Scientists first recorded such waves in a person’s brain.

In this country, GNI is calculated, not GDP
Happiness is associated with wealth and abundance. The same thing happens in countries too. The country with the higher GDP is considered happier. In the Indian neighboring country of Bhutan, however, GDP is not viewed as a measure of happiness, but rather the gross domestic product (GNH) is calculated there. In 1971, Bhutan rejected the GDP formula. The formula was adopted instead. Under GNH, the mental, physical and social development of ordinary people is calculated.

How to be happy
The question now is how to be happy. Everyone wants to be happy but they don’t know how to be happy? According to a study published in 2013, when you enjoy talking to strangers, you also start speaking to strangers. According to a study in the Bulletin of Personality and Psychology, old memories often make people happy. When we think about them, we feel positive and happy. So you’re also starting to turn old albums upside down to relive old memories. If possible, keep a journal and write down positive events that happen daily in your journal.

You have to do these things to be happy
According to the Journal of Happiness, habits like playing the piano, hunting, and dancing increase our happiness. So, realize your abilities and be happy. Wearing bright colors is also said to be necessary to be happy. It is said that the person who wears colorful clothes is happier. If you want to be happy, you have to give up worrying about your age. The results of an opinion poll in America show that we get happier and more satisfied as we age.

Single people are happiest
The University of California said that people who say thank you when they get help are happier. So say thank you and be happy. In a 2012 report, the University of Michigan stated that people who are married are more cheerful and happier. So if you want to be happy too, get married as soon as possible. However, there is also an argument about it. The real place of happiness is in your heart, not in your bank account or wallet. You will be just as tired as you will run after money to be happy. However, if you find happiness within yourself and keep memories with your family and friends, your report on happiness will always be full.

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