Gefco, on the other hand, got caught in the turmoil of a major cyber attack

Gefco CEO Luc Nadal has just pointed out in a message posted on the company’s website that it “has suffered an external cyber attack that is supposed to be disruptive [son] Business “. And to explain:” As soon as we heard about this cyberattack, we contacted our customers and partners to inform them and mobilized our employees to identify and implement alternative processes to ensure continuity Activity “.

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According to Luc Nadal, the logistician’s team and IT partners are now working “24 hours a day to restore our applications and we have already made great strides in finding alternative solutions”.

Gefco was supported there by its previous decisions, including those of Office 365, which were passed in 2014. The migration was carried out over two years. In this context, security seems to have been strictly considered early on, especially with recourse to Idecsi’s solutions to protect the most sensitive population: the executive committee and the VIPs.

But that’s not a good sign of an easy fix. According to our information, Gefco has encountered ransomware. In this area, as is well known, the attackers are probably installed deep in the information system. This requires long and arduous remodeling work to ensure that cyber thugs no longer have access to the company’s IT resources. The illusion of a purified information system is perhaps worse than an attack in itself.

Unfortunately this year and since the end of August, the ransomware threat has literally exploded. There are almost 210 such incidents worldwide for this month of September alone. A number that appears to be at least twice as high as it was in August came in at 120.

Cyber ​​criminals are increasingly publishing the names of their victims. To date, at least 20 ransomware families have been engaged in blackmail campaigns. A newcomer has just appeared: Egregor. It is believed to be related to Sekhmet.

At the beginning of September, we detailed the indicators that suggest this threat could explode in the fall. Among them, at least one thing was missing: Emotet, which has been particularly active in recent weeks and has been extremely careful with email and Office attachments.