Follow these tips to get rid of acne pimples

New Delhi: Nail, acne problem is common in teenagers through puberty. There are many remedies in the market for treating this problem and many products are available to help prevent them. However, when lifestyle is controlled, the problem of nails and pimples can be alleviated. Problems like constipation, not drinking enough water, hormonal imbalances and changes, diet, lack of sleep, skin care, stress, etc. are the causes of acne. By incorporating some things into your daily genital system, you can protect your skin from the problem of acne (how to get rid of acne pimples).

The internal care of the body is very important. Most people only drink water when they are thirsty, but it is necessary to drink at least ten glasses of water a day. This brings throbbing to your body and keeps you healthy. This will improve your skin and hair.

Fresh fruit
Eating fruits is also very beneficial to health. It improves your skin. Include salad and fruits in your daily diet.

Avoid unhealthy food
Eating more junk food is harmful to your health. Eat fewer drinks, fried foods, chocolate, and ice cream.

Tea coffee
Reduce your intake of tea, coffee and alcohol. If you can’t live without tea, start drinking herbal tea. Lemongrass, cinnamon tea, and chamomile tea are a better option for you. Lamongrass tea is effective for diseases like cancer, so chamomile tea reduces high blood pressure.

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work out
To improve blood circulation, it is important that you exercise outdoors. Aside from that, you can also keep your body fresh through yoga and aerobics.

Dandruff in the hair also causes acne. Often times, because of dandruff, people stop applying oil to hair, but it is necessary to apply coconut oil to hair and lemon to scalp during dandruff.

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