Fat is harmful to osteoarthritis study said

New Delhi: By reducing body weight, the symptoms of arthritis patients can be reduced. This particularly aggravates the condition of osteoarthritis of the knee, that is, the arthritis that causes the sufferer to experience uncomfortable and fatal pain. According to the Boston University School of Public Health, teenagers have a deep connection between obesity and couples. When young people gained weight again in their teens, the risk of arthritis was averted.

Boston University Assistant Professor Dr. Andrew Stokes said our research shows how social and structural factors such as overeating and obesity exacerbate joint pain and this disease can lead to arthritis and cause terrible discomfort and disability.

The researchers used 40 to 69 year olds using big data. During this time, the researchers examined their weight, BMI, bones, and joint pain.

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Weight loss also improves arthritis. Changing lifestyle can reduce weight and improve arthritis. These changes are necessary in both diet and life. Daily exercise, half an hour’s walk after eating, morning walk, climbing stairs instead of lifting, avoiding junk food, etc. give patients a lot of relief.

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