Avoid these foods on corona time to boost your immunity

New Delhi: The terrible form of the coronavirus is increasing. Experts and doctors say that those whose bodies have strong immune systems can handle it well. That is why it is very important to be strong. Avoid such things in your diet that weaken your immunity. Today tell about some such things the removal of which will keep your immunity strong (avoid things for strong immunity).

Too much salt can cause poor immunity. It decreases the body’s ability to fight bacteria and very soon the body becomes a victim of disease. Therefore, if you consume too much salt, limit your salt intake starting today, which can lead to the immune system becoming strong.

Tea coffee
Consumption of tea and coffee in large quantities harms immunity. Because both contain a lot of caffeine, which is not only good for your health, but also weakens the immune system. So if you also consume more tea or coffee, make the crowd work.

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Energy drink
Consumption of soda and energy drinks weakens immunity. So, stop consuming such drinks. If you need to drink, you can make healthy drinks at home.

If you like sweets, be careful because consuming large amounts of sweet things will weaken your immunity. Therefore, limit your amount of sweet foods starting today.

Alcohol weakens our immune system, so excessive alcohol consumption decreases the body’s resistance. So avoid drinking alcohol from today to keep your immune system strong.

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(Note: Consult physicians before taking action.)