10 health benefits of eating cottage cheese

New Delhi: Yogurt in every form is liked from the elders to the children. Quark is an important part of the Indian platter. Having curd cheese on your plate means your plate will be both tasty and nutritious. Calcium, protein, protein (vitamin) are contained in yogurt. Quark is more healthy than milk. Apart from that, yogurt contains protein, lactose, iron and phosphorus. Be Told How Beneficial Yogurt Is For Your Body (Benefits Of Cottage Cheese).

For immunity
Resistance to disease also increases if a spoonful of cottage cheese is eaten every day. The good bacteria it contains improve the immune system.

Beneficial for the teeth
Quark is also very beneficial for your teeth. It is high in calcium and phosphorus. It is also very beneficial for strengthening bones. It works against osteoporosis and arthritis.

Healthy heart
If you include cottage cheese in your daily diet, your heart will remain strong and you will be protected from many diseases. Because high cholesterol affects blood circulation and puts the person at risk of heart attack or stroke. In this case, fat-free yogurt will reduce the amount of cholesterol produced in the blood and also stay away from the blood pressure problem. Eating cottage cheese does not cause heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney disease.

Effective in losing weight
There is a lot of calcium in yogurt. This is one such element that does not allow the body to thrive and helps keep it from gaining weight.

Relief from mouth ulcers
Applying the quark cream 2-3 times on the ulcers in the mouth will relieve the problem of the ulcers. Mixing the same amount of cottage cheese and honey and taking it morning and evening will also cure mouth blisters. If you don’t have honey available, empty yogurt is fine too.

reduce stress
Eating cottage cheese is directly related to the brain. You might be surprised to know that those who consume yogurt complain less about stress. For this reason, experts recommend eating yogurt daily.

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For attractive hair
To make the hair beautiful, soft and attractive, it is beneficial to wash the hair with curd cheese or buttermilk. To do this, you should massage your hair with curd cheese before bathing. After a while, washing your hair will remove dryness or dandruff.

For energy
If you feel very tired yourself, it is good for you to consume yogurt every day. It works by moisturizing the body and giving it new energy.

Heat stroke and lack of water in the body are common during the summer season. So before you go out in the summer and after coming from outside, drink roasted cumin powder and some artificial salt in a glass of buttermilk. This won’t even touch you and your body heat (body heat) will also be reduced.

Sunburn prevention
In summer, after a sunburn on the skin, it should be rubbed with curd, this benefits from sunburn and tan.

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(Note: Consult physicians before taking action.)